Report Write is for the New Zealand House Inspector and Building Surveyor

If you want to provide dependable, reliable and proven damn good standard compliant building reports for your clients – then Report Write is the system for you.

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About Report Write:

Inspection Franchising and Licencing Ltd have developed an inspection and reporting system called “Report Write”.

The development of this system is 16 years and over 20,000 inspections in the making, from industry leaders with hands on experience in the pre-purchase house inspection industry.

The report templates are proven to assist the pre-purchase building surveyor efficiently undertake property inspections and provide accurate reporting to comply with the Residential Property Inspection Standard NZS4306:2005.

These are not tick box or pre-formatted forms, rather the surveyor builds the report specific to the property being inspected by selecting the relevant information in the reporting template.

The software that runs the templates also has a built in Office Management system to provide a whole business system that can track inspections and client information with a schedule to manage the building surveyor’s week.

Using this reporting system can help minimise reporting errors that proving to be one of the most common risks to the building surveyor’s business.


The Report Write System is made up of two key parts – the Office Management system, which provides the administrative support and the Report templates, which provides the reporting system.